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The want to create a screen play adaptation of The Bloody Cham- ber was a result of my genuine appreciation of the piece as feminist literature and as a rec- ognition of the possible dialogic processes the adaptation could generate for the story. The nar- rative of The Bloody Chamber related to me personally and

I wanted to explore the ideas
and emotions it evoked in me, through film making. It made me creatively excited through its presentation of ideas that a large demographic of female audienc- es could identify with. The story resonates with a very real fear that I am never able to express other than though reading lit- erature like that of The Bloody Chamber. The literature not only offers the ability to explore the themes of sex, violence and male power but also offers a fresh narrative take on an established idea.
An adaptation of The Bloody Chamber shows both commer- cial and critical promise, in so far as it has depth and meaning in its concept and so has the poten- tial to transcend between medi- ums, capitalising and reinventing itself through contemporary technology 

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