The following project is almost an ode to my grandmothers flat. A celebration of the relationship between architectural spaces and the interactions and memories in which they hold. How an object can encompass personality and growth, history and narrative and how design interaction can be nationalist and geographical.

The Material Cultures brief, asked me to investigate design in the context of what has become known as material culture. To explore the various attitudes to cultural production, examine the notion of consumption and taste, and investigate the various processes and practices that have been built around those notions.

I chose to begin looking at the history of Laguna Estate because I was in Gibraltar during the time in which I was writing the essay and because I saw an opportunity to explore a piece of architecture that has been an integral part of my growing up.

Part one of the essay looks at the history of Laguna housing estate. I visit the Gibraltar archives and dig up documents of its construction, looking into the architectural aspect of the buildings. I then look at the social aspect of the estate, how once built, the introductions of tall concrete structures built to replace the pre-existing huts meant whole communities were moving together to more promising homes that would later become neglected following the decline in the materiality of estates.

Part 2 of the essay explores Freud’s theory on the different levels of consciousness to understand the different levels of being and how we present ourselves through the ob- jects we own. I include case studies of 2 flats from Laguna estate and how the owners present themselves in comparison to the estate stereotype and how their objects reflect their heritage and personalities.

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