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Ekō magazine was a fallout project from my

Attempts on Their Lives project. It began as an experiment for finding a vehicle for my collected narratives but developed into something more.

Ekō has grown into a community, encompassing the various voices, cultures and stories that exist within the refugee crisis.


Issue 5 of Ekō magazine

February 2021

As acting Editor, Art Director, Content Creator and Treasurer, I am constantly working across many disciplines. My organisational skills, time management and ability to communicate and collaborate efficiently have facilitated me in meeting publishing deadlines with a polished end product and has seen me produce 5 issues and a website within the year since ekō was founded. My role as Founding Member and Art Director has meant I have built the foundations of the project from the initial idea, creating the entire brand identity and aesthetic to compliment the ekō ethos of inclusion and accessibility. Two of my biggest challenges to date has been to explore the boundaries of editorial design to accommodate three languages and establish credibility to progress as a valued NGO. This task required me to research the behaviours of Arabic and Persian typography and print, as well as adapt it in a way which sits harmoniously with English print. While I am still exploring the fundamentals of trilingual editorial design, the way in which I have been publishing the issues so far has proved successful. Multiple charity organisations (including Refugee Week UK and Counterpoints Arts) have approached us with the offers of collaboration. While the magazine has been successful so far, I recognise that the publication is accommodating for three different cultures and languages (all of which are constantly shape shifting and evolving) and my editorial design must work and develop alongside that.

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New Beginnings

Issue 1 of Ekō magazine

March 2020

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Issue 2 of Ekō magazine

April 2020

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Issue 3 of Ekō magazine

May 2020

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Issue 4 of Ekō magazine

Oct 2020

Photos from the ekō launch

Designs and illustrations I created for ekō. 

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